TAG Consulting

  • Leadership Development – Our framework for Leadership Development comes from the TAG book “The Leadership Triangle”. The focus is on building transformational leadership skills, while demonstrating the differences between the types of challenges leaders deal with – Tactical, Strategic, and Transformational.
  • Organizational Development / Change – Change is part of everyday organizational life. Being able to adapt is critical to success. TAG’s proprietary archetype – “Intentional Difference” – is the basis for our work in this area. Core to development and adaptability is understanding one’s 5% Zone – that which only you can do and separate you form everyone else.
  • Navigating Conflict – Conflict is not to be avoided, but embraced. The challenge is to engage in “healthy” conflict as opposed to “unhealthy”. Our “Red Zone – Blue Zone” approach helps you understand the differences, identify the internal conflicts you bring to a situation, and how to stay focused on mission and priorities.
  • Employee Engagement – Regardless of what study you prefer, the truth is a small percentage of today’s workers are engaged in their work. The vast majority are either not engaged or actively disengaged, dramatically impacting organizational performance. Our work focuses on the role Leadership Effectiveness and Organizational Climate has on engagement and how to improve it.
  • Team Performance – Whether it’s a permanent functional team or a temporary cross-functional team, there are proven attributes that drive superior team performance. Our facilitated workshops focus on these attributes, assessing where the team is at currently, and how to improve.
  • Visioning – Through our unique process of facilitated leadership retreats, we help a team understand and value their core identity, create an updated vision given current opportunities while staying aligned with mission, and develop the strategic priorities to bring that vision to life. It’s a collaborative process based on the common understanding of mission, strengths, and opportunities.