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The research leaves no doubt – the number one controllable factor in a successful organization is employee engagement. And an organization’s culture – more than any other single influence – drives whether or not employees are engaged and fulfilled. Every person has a desire to belong, to contribute, and to make a difference. A great organizational culture provides for this fundamental yearning.

So, what does it take to build such a winning culture?

Using a revealing online employee survey, The Engagement Dashboard (TED), TAG has gathered data from hundreds of companies and thousands of employees from all three sectors in American organizational life – public, private and social.

TED reveals the current culture of an organization, its hidden capacities and potential, and enables leaders to craft cultures that fully engage the talents and hearts of their people.

The Engagement Dashboard measures three primary elements of a winning culture:





  • Leadership Effectiveness (the desire to make a difference)
  • Organizational Climate (the desire to belong)
  • Employee Engagement (the desire to contribute)


Order the TED survey for your organization (it only takes 20 minutes for each employee to complete) and you’ll gain new levels of insight into the talents, challenges, and capacities of your team as well as practical next steps for building a winning culture. You can add customized questions to poll your employees on specific topics and you can cross-tabulate to compare departments, locations, and functions.

The Engagement Dashboard is a major step forward for any organization interested in the process of crafting their own culture, one where people realize their innate desire to belong, to contribute, and to make a difference.

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