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Where Leaders Earn Their Pay

June 16, 2016


Transformational leadership challenges are where leaders “earn their pay”.

Technical challenges simply require the right expertise or the right expert. Strategic challenges are more complex than tactical but they are found simply in a skillful reading of how changes external to the organization must be met and leveraged by drawing together the right people with the right skill sets.

Transformational leadership takes place when there is a significant and painful gap between what the organization aspires to and what it is experiencing. Transformational leadership is exercised at the level of deep and significant conflict – over values, loyalties, and beliefs. Often there are “winners” and “losers” in transformational change. At a minimum there is wrenching change and new expectations of all involved.

The results of transformational leadership are exhilarating – a new lease on life for an organization, an embrace of a new and more promising future, engaged and passionate employees or volunteers liberated to make greater contributions in accord with their talents, passions, and uniqueness.

But it’s tough to get there. Resistance marks every step. At times the transformational leader will feel that everyone is against her, that no one sees what she does.

At moments, she may be right.

So, if you are going to embark on the harrowing, rewarding journey of transformational leadership, it’s wise to make sure you have the knowledge to identify accurately the nature of transformational challenges.

You know you are facing a transformational issue when:

  • There is a persistent and obvious gap between what the organization wants to be and what it is.
  • You’ve tried everything you know how to do (including what has worked well in the past) and it’s getting you nowhere.
  • People across and at all levels of the organization are starting to experience a sense of disease and crisis.
  • There is a palpable sense of frustration, stress, and anxiety.
  • Conflict, frustration, and tension are on the rise.
  • The same cast of characters keeps failing to deliver results.
  • Short-term fixes reveal themselves to be band-aids and the problems they were designed to “fix” reappear, often getting worse.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it? A little depressing and overwhelming, perhaps?

Well, be realistic but – ultimately – take heart!

Transforming leadership IS hard, make no mistake. It will require your selfless best, your most creative and risky effort. Perhaps most important, you will have to be willing to change yourself.

But, take heart to be sure. It’s worth the pain and energy and resistance. You can do this.

Transformational leadership will require people to accept and even embrace radical changes in their beliefs, priorities, values, habits and loyalties. But once this work is done, new options and new futures are open to all involved. You have it within you to be a transformational leader!

At TAG, we thrive on and specialize in helping leaders and organizations embrace transformational challenges, through Discovery, Facilitated Learning, and Coaching.

Our approach to consulting is a truly customized one. While we have proprietary methods and intellectual property to apply to any type of challenge or opportunity, we are committed to a process that always begins with thorough DISCOVERY.

Once information is captured, interpreted, and discussed we are able to develop a plan of action with you. Regardless of the plan, our method always involves the FACILITATION of outcomes. We believe each client has what they need to resolve their most difficult challenges and improve their overall leadership health. Our role is to shed light on the real issues and help focus that light so that you achieve your desired results. And we are skilled at coming alongside leaders as coaches and trusted advisers.

We’re here to help and serve. Find out more and connect with us here!