TAG Consulting

TAG – Our Promise To You

March 1, 2016

TAG’s promise is to partner with you to measurably improve overall performance and employee engagement through the development of your most important asset – your people.

Our commitment is to help you and your people see your challenges, responsibilities, and opportunities in a whole new way.

The sudden ability to see things clearly, and in a completely new way, is what organizations rely on to spark change. Like an aperture on a camera, TAG not only helps admit light into a situation, but knows how to focus that light for desired effect.


The purpose of an aperture is to admit just the right amount of light for a given picture – a skillful photographer uses the right setting to get precisely the proper amount of light.

Light serves a lot of purposes. It brightens things up, including morale. It allows clear vision and focus. It illumines things that have been previously hidden. It purifies, allowing you to see what has always been there in a clean, new, refreshing way.

As a unique entity in the world of consulting, we:

  • reframe – Offer the advantage of bringing an objective viewpoint from outside of an organization, but have a real talent for enabling groups to ignite change from within by aligning new perspectives to continuing challenges. We help people see what they have not.
  • refocus – Rely on innate intuition developed over years of experience to align, articulate and center energy in the appropriate places for optimal results. We come prepared with eye-opening analytical tools that help quantify tangible plans for transformation.
  • reimagine – Remain attuned to the energy and spirit in the room, knowing that listening carefully and reacting thoughtfully in the moment often creates the most dramatic of breakthroughs of all. The answers to your challenges are already in the room; we unleash your creative energy to realize new possibilities at the next horizon.

We’d love to help you shed light on your greatest challenges and opportunities as a leader, and to do the same for your organization. For more on who we are, what we do, and what we promise we invite you to explore here.

And we’d love to hear from you – please contact us here.