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Your Weaknesses Don’t Matter

January 21, 2017


Great leadership is not rooted in fixing your weaknesses. Goodness knows we all have enough of those. But greatness doesn’t come through addressing them.

Any competent golf professional will help his student build upon his strengths rather than try to fix his weaknesses. A student who is 5’5″ and 120 lbs. is not likely to crush the ball 300 yards off the tee! She is more likely to be adept at the short game, with touch around the green and on the putting surface. The pro will start there with his student.

An introvert is not likely to be a smooth pitchman. But he may well have a unique ability to read body language and unspoken cues.

Go with what you have. If you are logical and given to process, major in that. If you love people and love motivating others, make this your focus. Know yourself.

We make a case for this in our book Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything, which you can find here.

Here is our basic premise:

Eighty-five percent of what we do, select others can be trained and developed to do.

Ten percent of what we do , select others can be trained and developed to do.

But there is a unique five percent that you and only you can do the way you do it. This  is your uniqueness, lived large.

You were made different to make a difference and this difference is an expression of your Intentional Difference, your 5%!

It is vital that you know your strengths, whether or not you use the Intentional Difference process as described in the book. You will want to know who you are, what you are made to do and then organize your life around these endeavors.

If you lead a team, you have the great opportunity to help your team members identify, flourish in, and leverage their strengths as well.

Knowing and living into your Intentional Difference is a secret weapon for your career and for your team’s success. It’s a vital ingredient in your Secret Sauce.

And for a fun introduction to the concept of Intentional Difference, watch this:

Your Intentional Difference from TAG Consulting on Vimeo.

What’s Your Personal Mission?

December 5, 2016


Whether they pay much attention to it or not, virtually every organization of any size has a mission statement. Well crafted and well used, mission statements serve as a powerful statement of what that organization does and does NOT do, orienting everyone to a common objective.

Much less common and equally powerful, are individual mission statements, tailor made for leaders as human beings.

James Dyson is a British billionaire, industrial designer, and founder of the Dyson company. He is also an inventor best known for one invention. That, as you may know from TV ads, is his famous Dyson Dual Cyclone vacuum cleaner, which is unique in the history of vacuum cleaners! You see, it pivots on a ball and operates without a bag. Kind of a big deal.

Millions of commercial cleaning workers and busy parents rise up and call James Dyson blessed!

He has invented many other things but today may best be known for his Dyson Foundation. The foundation encourages young people to become engineers and scientists but what is unique about it is that it celebrates and at times even rewards the mistakes those young people make.

You see, James Dyson learned early on that the combination of failure and determination can lead to great things. He wasn’t a good athlete as a young man but he excelled at long distance running simply because he was more determined than the other kids.

This carried over into his career as an inventor. Through the ups and downs of the creative process, through version after failed version of each successive invention, he refused to become discouraged until he had THE product.

The product that makes you say “Why didn’t I think of that?”

Here’s what Dyson told the Wall Street Journal:

“I don’t like science fiction. I don’t think it’s very clever, to be honest. It’s very easy to imagine what the world might be like. The difficult thing is making the world a better place and making things work better”.

There you have it – James Dyson’s personal mission statement:

“Making the world a better place and making things work better”.

It’s short, succinct, powerful – a guiding star to James Dyson’s life and career and the influence and impact he has had.

Here’s the key question – do YOU have a personal mission statement this clear and concise?

There’s nothing stopping you! Or there shouldn’t be.

Two resources for you to keep in mind.

Our book Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything will help you see how your uniqueness – the 5% of what you do that only you can do the way you do it – can form the crux of your life mission. Read more here.

And, for a personal touch, our leadership coaches are masters at helping individual leaders identify, hone, and live into their personal missions. Begin the process of meeting one here.


Your Intentional Difference

November 22, 2016

85% of what you do, most people can do.

10% of what you do, select others can be trained to do.

(Nothing too exciting so far, right?)

Ah, but there is 5% left.

5% of what you do only you can do the way you do it. It is what you do that is uniquely you, fueled by your life experiences and deeply ingrained talents, strengths, and skills.

When you are in your 5% you are living in your Intentional Difference – you are in the Flow Zone.

Identifying, leveraging, and maximizing your Intentional Difference – that magic 5% – is the key to success in life and in work.

Watch this short video to begin to find YOUR Intentional Difference.


Your Intentional Difference from TAG Consulting on Vimeo.

What Can You Not NOT Do?

September 1, 2016

cezanne learnado-newtonic

There is some skill that you have that is so natural to you – so much a part of who you are – that you can’t not NOT do it. And if you can leverage this skill and utilize it as much as possible, it will be a game-changer for your life…and for your career.

In our book Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything, we outline the concept of Intentional Difference. 85% of what we do, most people can do. 10% of what we do, select others can be trained and deployed to do.

That leaves 5%. And this 5% is your Intentional Difference – that contribution you make which no one else can make quite the way you do. It is the thing that fuels you, gives you life and, when you master it, will positively affect your life, career and productivity.

This 5% separates YOU from the rest of the world.

One of the six dimensions that make up your Intentional Difference is your Emergent Skill, which we define as: your “innate ability that finds automatic and repeated expression”.

It’s the thing you were doing before you were aware of it, the thing you may take for granted. The thing that if you do a lot of it will change everything.

Here’s a story from the world of art which illustrates Emergent Skill:

For thirty-five years, Paul Cezanne lived in obscurity, producing masterpieces that he gave away to unsuspecting neighbors. So great was his love for his work that he never gave a thought to receiving recognition.

He owes his fame to a Paris dealer who chanced upon his paintings, gathered some of them, and presented the world of art with the first Cezanne exhibition. The world was astonished to discover the presence of a master.

The master was just as astonished. He arrived at the gallery leaning on the arm of his son and could not contain his amazement when he saw his paintings on display. Turning to his son he said, “Look, they have framed them!”

What is that thing you do – almost unconsciously – that you are known for? That you do with nearly effortless excellence? How can you do more of it?


Excerpt from Experiencing Spirituality by Ernest Kurtz and Katherine Ketcham (2014, Penguin)

Photo cred: learnado-newtronic.com

Unleashing Your Passion For Higher Performance

April 26, 2016

In our book Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything we write about the six dimensions of your “ID” that make up the 5% of what you do that ONLY you can do the way you do it.

When you learn to identify and live in your Intentional Difference, you become more fully who you are meant to be in both your personal and professional life.

In a phrase, you are made different to make a difference and – way beyond one book – part of our passion at TAG is to help clients and their teams discover their ID and so start their journeys of unique and effective performance.

One of these critical six dimensions is Driving Passion, which we define as your “energizing, intense appetite which demands action”. It’s that thing you can’t NOT do. It is the fuel, the intense motivation, that motivates you to act and determines the quality of your personal and professional outcomes.

Do you want to know your Driving Passion? It’s our great joy to walk alongside clients and leaders of all stripes as they discover theirs. Here are three questions which offer a place to start:

1. What do I believe is the world’s greatest need?
2. What do others say is the “one thing” for me (text someone right now and ask them!)
3. If I had unlimited time and money what would I do with them?

The key is finding the intersection of human need with my driving motivator and then determining to bring whatever resources I have to bear on acting on both!

Maybe your Driving Passion is found in your work. Or maybe you need to create some margin in your life for your Driving Passion to be expressed. Whatever your strategy, your heart and soul and mind won’t rest until you find your Driving Passion and put it into productive and determined use, every single day!

Want to know more?

You can read about all six dimensions of your ID here.

And if you’d like to talk to a leadership coach about uncovering and unleashing your ID, you can find out more here.

How To Discover Your Team’s Talent

January 7, 2016

Each of our clients works with an unbelievably talented team. But they don’t always know it!

talent tools

In our book Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything, (written by Ken Tucker, Shane Roberson, and Todd Hahn) we talk at length about the concept of prevailing talent, which we define as “your spontaneous, observable, reliable, and measurable patterns of thinking, feeling, and behaving,”

Here is an exercise we use to help teams understand their prevailing talent as individuals and as a whole and how great it is to spend most of your time using your talent. We call it the Energy Exercise.

First, think about the last time you went home at the end of a day energized and full of life. Ask yourself two questions:
1. What had you done that day?
2. What particular and individual talents had you tapped into that day in your life and work?

Now, turn the question on its head. When was the last time you finished a day drained, exhausted, maybe even a little depressed? Ask yourself three questions:
1. What had you done that day?
2. What particular and individual talents that you have were you tapping into that day?
3. What particular and individual talents that you have were you NOT tapping into that day?

Consider asking this question on a widespread basis – maybe in one on one meetings or as part of a group exercise. You will begin to energize your culture and unearth ways to get people living in their prevailing talent!

You Are Different, Intentionally

November 10, 2015

One of our signature beliefs at TAG is that every person is made different to make a difference. We call this your Intentional Difference.

The idea is simple. 85% of what you do, most people can do. 10% of what you do, select others have the capacity to do with the proper training and opportunity. That leaves 5%, and that five percent makes all the difference.

That five percent is made up of the unique talents, skills, and experiences you have that combine to make a contribution no one else can quite match. It is where you are of maximum value to others, to your organization, to your community -and where you find your greatest joy.

One of our greatest joys is helping others identify their Intentional Difference (ID) or, if you prefer, their 5%. Your ID emerges as you take a look at six dimensions of your life, your:

  • Critical Outcome
  • Driving Passion
  • Assimilated Experience
  • Cumulative Knowledge
  • Emergent Skill
  • Prevailing Talent

We have helped many hundreds of men, women, students and even children unlock their ID and in so doing find joy and fulfillment in making their unique contribution. We have helped countless teams understand each others’ ID and begin to function at a higher level of productivity and excellence than ever before.

The key is that we have to be intentional about our difference – we don’t begin to excel in our 5% automatically.

You can read more about Intentional Difference here and we’d love for you to contact us to find out more about how you can discover your 5% and help your team do so as well.

It truly can change everything for you and for the teams with which you serve.