TAG Consulting

FREE Coaching/Consulting Offer For Leaders

September 25, 2017

At TAG, we are committed to leader development.

Notice, we didn’t say ‘leadership development’.

Leader development is the intensely personal and relational process of honing skilled, values-oriented leaders who major on crafting healthy and thriving organizational cultures.

One of the ways we develop leaders is by providing resources and tools. Our free downloadable White Papers, written by leaders for leaders, is one of the ways we do this.

And deeply rooted in our practice is Executive Advising, serving as a trusted advisor and confidant (some would call it “coaching”) for high level leaders who want to grow in their personal leadership capacity and make a difference with their lives.

Now, we’re bringing these two passions together.

For a limited period of time, if you download one or more TAG White Papers, you will receive thirty free minutes on the phone with a TAG Executive Advisor, with the topic being whatever you choose. Maybe it has to do with the topic of the White Paper. Maybe it’s around a challenge you are facing in your current leadership role. Maybe you could just use a conversation with an honest broker and trusted expert who spends hours each week helping other leaders excel.

The agenda is yours. There is no obligation and we won’t call you again unless you want us to.

There’s nothing to lose and perhaps tons to gain. After all, what better investment can you make than in yourself as a leader who serves others?

To get the process started, simply click here and download a White Paper or two. We’ll follow up via email with a no-obligation offer for your free Executive Advising session.