TAG Consulting

Employee Engagement: A Checklist

November 7, 2016



In our multiyear study of organizations, we found that those with the strongest and best cultures could be counted upon for operational stability and integrity. They were extraordinarily well-managed enterprises. And they had highly engaged employees, who have a God-designed desire to contribute, to belong, and to make a difference.

We have found that organizations with high levels of employee engagement typically have these four characteristics:

  1. Team members consider themselves to be empowered.
  2. There is a culture of collegiality.
  3. Management attracts top talent and rewards them accordingly.
  4. Team members are fully engaged in their work and in the mission of their organization.

It really is as simple as that. Employee engagement is not dependent on industry, amenities, bells and whistles, geographic location, or the link. Empowerment, collegiality, talent recognition and reward, and personal connection to the mission of the organization. Have those four elements in place and you will have highly motivated and engaged employees.

How does your organization do with that checklist?