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Does Culture Matter?

"Ethos" is the greek word for custom. It describes the guiding beliefs that characterize a community, nation, or group of people. Every business has a distinct "ethos" consisting of culture and climate. Culture describes the overarching organizational foundations and mindsets. Climate describes the mood or tenor. Both are vital to employee retention, to productivity, and ultimately to profitability. With 20 years of experience in Strategic Management, Leader Development and Executive Advising, The ETHOS Group helps you identify your business's existing culture and climate and build a thriving, dynamic ethos; a place where people want to belong, contribute and make a difference.

The Ethos Approach

“Culture is not the most important thing. It is the only thing.” (Jim Sinegal, Costco Co-founder)

What do Google, Southwest Airlines and Costco have in common? They all spend time and money on building culture in their organization. Beloved by customers and employees, these companies grow year after year by simply putting the same importance on culture that they do on strategy. Every organization has a culture. It is either the culture you want or the culture you fight. The ETHOS Group has worked with hundreds of organizations and thousands of people over the past two decades and found Six Markers that are present in every organization that has a thriving culture. Congruence, Consistency, and Commitment indicate Culture; Connection, Collaboration, and Creativity indicate Climate. Our Culture Quotient (CQ) assessment will help you identify your existing ethos by evaluating your business against the Six Markers. Once your existing culture is identified, The ETHOS Group helps you design, build, integrate and sustain a culture that will establish your business to thrive for decades.

Six Markers of a Thriving Culture


Everything is in alignment with why the organization exists.


The people and the organization live out the why on a daily basis.


People are fully invested in the why.


People have dynamic relationships within the organization.


People naturally seek to work with each other.


People are empowered to try new things, dream up new ideas, improve systems and processes.

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