TAG Consulting

  • Assessments  – We utilize a variety of proprietary instruments to gain insight into the current situation.  This will uncover strengths and weaknesses, identify elements of your organization’s unique “code”, and become the basis from which to measure improvement.At the individual level we deploy our unique approach to understanding each person’s “5% Zone” – that 5% that separates you from the rest of the world – that focuses on everything from your passion and experience to your prevailing talents.
  • Benchmarking – At the organizational level, TAG has developed a proprietary benchmarking tool called The Engagement Dashboard (TED), which is based on a national database containing thousands of records TAG has collected since 1998. After intensive analysis, twelve clusters emerged organized around three key themes: 1) Leadership Effectiveness, 2) Organizational Climate, 3) Employee Engagement. The Engagement Dashboard will give you an indispensable view of where your organization stands with these key measures and a way forward to true organizational effectiveness.
    Learn more about The Engagement Dashboard (TED).
  • Surveys – TAG has both standard survey tools and the ability to develop custom surveys to capture additional insights into specific challenges.
  • Interviews – 1:1 or team interviews can be utilized to go deeper into a particular challenge or area, uncovering underlying issues and resistance.
  • Focus Groups – TAG has experts at the design of focus groups and leading them. The focus group setting allows the participants to cover a wide range of topics while enabling the leader to go deeper in the areas those areas that have the most energy.