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Four Ways To Make Conflict Your Friend

October 6, 2014

Very few healthy people enjoy conflict. But Transformational leaders realize that pushback can actually be their friend because it surfaces tension within the organization and open up options for alternative approaches.

Here are four ways you can make conflict your friend rather than your enemy.

1.     Maintain clear focus – one eye on the moment, the other on the big picture. Persevere and hang in there!

2.     Embrace resistance. Move towards, not away from the sources of resistance. This is a learned behavior, so be patient with yourself. Remember that the voice of resistance is almost always representative of others and once you know what the problem is you can move ahead.

3.     Respect those who resist by monitoring your emotions, avoiding overreating, and always telling the truth.

4.     Join with the resistance. Begin together, looking for common values and themes and patterns, looking together for ways the situation needs to change.

How about you – how are you doing currently with conflict in your organization?

Four Great Questions For Tackling Tactical Issues

September 22, 2014
  • What percentage of my time do I spend intentionally using my prevailing talents and traits?
  • What can I do differently in order to spend my time in my greatest strengths?
  • What additional skills and talents do we need to bring onto our team?
  • What incentives and rewards would better leverage our traits and motivate my team members?

What’s The Tone Of Your Team?

September 4, 2014

As an empowering leader you will spend a lot of time protecting the team by providing just the right sort of environment.

This environment will major on self-discovery. In this process, team members discover that they are doing what they would already be doing anyway, even if they weren’t on the team.

It is the leader’s responsibility to provide an environment that is joyful, stimulating, challenging, and affirming…

“Look at how your unique contribution to the team is helping us to scale this mountain! We couldn’t be doing this without you and it is amazing to watch you getting better and better at what you are doing!”

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August 21, 2014

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August 16, 2014

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Use The Five Why’s To Dig Deeper

August 10, 2014

The “Five Why’s” is a great tool for uncovering trends and discovering information.

Never settle for a basic answer to a basic question. Instead, ask “why?” five times.

Ask a question, get an answer, and then ask “why?” Repeat that four more times.

You’ll get a lot more information than if you just take the initial answer at face value.

“Why do you work?” To make money.

“Why do you want to make money?” To have financial security.

“Why do you want to have financial security?” So my kids don’t have to pay for my retirement.

“Why is that important to you?” So they can do what they are meant to do.

“Why do you want them to do what they are meant to do?” Because that is my purpose as a dad.

It’s a long way from “I work to make money” to “I work to fulfill my purpose as a dad”!

Leadership is Elegant

July 23, 2014

Leadership is endlessly complex, right? It’s reserved for only the highly gifted and brilliant, or those who have had unparalleled experience and have amassed untouchable wisdom.


Leadership is available to everyone, and the best leadership tools are those that are elegant.

Elegance is not about beauty or fashion. It’s about graceful simplicity.

That’s why we wrote a book that boiled down to three simple concepts and one simple construct for understanding how leaders can tackle the challenges they face every day.

What about you? What elegant things are you learning about leadership?

Build Your Team Around The Task

June 12, 2014

Building teams is not about team-building.


What we mean is that what creates high-performing teams is not team-building exercises but rather creating a climate where three things happen:

  • The team has a clear sense of mission and clearly defined goals.
  • Everyone knows their role.
  • Everyone is given freedom to use their talents and traits within the context of their role and mission.

The best shot for this to happen is when you build your team not around the team itself, but around the task. This means you choose team members based on their experience at getting the kinds of results you are looking for. You will look for traits and talents that are congruent with your goals. And you will, at every turn, keep the task front and center.