TAG Consulting

Dr. Jim Osterhaus is a senior partner with TAG Consulting. He is a clinical psychologist, a dynamic executive coach and public speaker with extensive experience in helping individuals move through change, conflict, and reorganization. He brings a depth of understanding of systems and relational network thinking to his work developed from years practicing as a highly respected psychologist in Northern Virginia in addition to consulting.

Jim’s experience includes a special commission established by the Vice President of the United States to consider the emotional effects of government downsizing, facilitation of the “Organizational Culture” component of the Army Staff Redesign, and workshop development and implementation for clients from the East Coast to the West Coast. He has worked extensively with the FAA, coaching managers and leading workshops and seminars on various aspects of leadership. He was recently interviewed by Sam Donaldson (ABC News) as a leading expert in organizational issues. He has been quoted in the New York Times, Los Angeles Times, Seattle Times, and many other leading publications.

He has facilitated groups and taught seminars in numerous settings including the University of San Francisco, Georgetown University and American University. He has also taught graduate level classes on four continents on various subjects ranging from organizational systems, to communication and conflict management. Jim has authored nine books and written articles for magazines and trade journals around the country.

His latest book, Thriving Through Ministry Conflict, appeared in September, 2005. He co-authored with Kevin Ford The Thing in the Bushes… Turning Organizational Blind Spots into Competitive Advantage (Pinon Press).

Jim holds a Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology from American University, degrees in counseling from Virginia Polytechnic Institute and Catholic University.

PictureJoseph M. Jurkowski (M.A. University of Maryland) is the president, chief mobilization officer and one of the founding partners for The Armstrong Group and founder of the Counseling Center of Fairfax, Va. He has worked with Fortune 500 executives as a strategic thinker in conflict resolution, a leader in applying systems theory in organizational settings, an entrepreneur, and a well-respected leader in his work with the federal government. He has appeared in such diverse publications as Entrepreneur, the Cincinnati Enquirer, the Washington Post, and CU Times.

PictureTodd Hahn is an author, organizational consultant, speaker, executive coach and not-for-profit executive. The author or co-author of five books, Todd is known as a thought leader and question-asker who helps people and organizations of all types reach their goals and make a lasting difference.

His most recent book is Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything, written with Ken Tucker and Shane Roberson, two of his colleagues at TAG Consulting, an international firm committed to such values as Making A Difference and Having Fun.

Todd once engaged Neil Cavuto of Fox News in a lively on-air debate about the propriety of doughnuts in houses of worship, persuaded a church to give out free shot glasses in bars, and has been quoted in media outlets large and small, old media and new media.

He lives with his family in Pinehurst, NC.