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Gettysburg & Leadership

Principles for Today's Leaders from the Most Terrible Battle Fought in America

Gettysburg is a defining moment in our history when two great armies were on a collision course with each other and with history. The Civil War is arguably the pivotal moment in American history. This great battle was crafted by leaders who would be the stuff of legend, even after 150 years. The struggle provides an excellent moment to study leadership in all of its complexity.

The American code and culture cannot be understood without grasping the centrality of the Civil War and Abraham Lincoln. We can look at battlefields and talk of tactics and strategy. We can talk about the intriguing leaders who led thousands of civilians-turned soldiers into a maelstrom that no one now can even imagine (Gettysburg incurred ten times the number of causalities as D-Day). However, the Civil War is much more than this. The Civil War defined who we are as a people (this country, made up of separate states, was forged into a single nation). What emerged in the struggle were some of the most prominent and revered leaders this country and the world has ever seen.

Red Zone, Blue Zone

Turning Conflict into Opportunity

Most of us fear and dread conflict, at home or at work. But conflict can be your ally, not your enemy. Conflict doesn’t have to tear your family or organization apart.

Using the story of a family business leader embroiled in generational conflict,Red Zone, Blue Zone shows how to navigate conflict in a way that is healthy and leads to enhanced relationships, self-awareness, and greater leadership success. Practical response activities and personal reflection questions help the reader understand the sources of conflict, have a working command of conflict navigation principles, and be equipped to help others navigate conflict in their own lives.

In Red Zone, Blue Zone readers will learn skills such as:

  • Questioning
  • Listening
  • Pacing
  • Reframing

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The Secret Sauce

Creating a Winning Culture

What virtually every business school, consultant or leadership author will tell you is this: What drives success – regardless of the organization’s size, industry, or resources – is culture. To quote the late, great management thinker Peter Drucker, ‘Culture eats strategy for breakfast.’ We call it the secret sauce!

The authors have created an engaging narrative woven throughout the book that shows how a young leader had to change over time to create a company that had something special. Crafted with insightful examples from their own experiences, this book provides plenty of advice, wisdom and practical information to get you started on creating your own culture that can deliver employee satisfaction, quality customer service, and sustainable success.

Bottom line, growth and success is not all about being smarter, more strategic, or having the best product, bar none. The number one predictor of success is satisfied and engaged employees. Read this book and you will discover how to mix your own ingredients for creating an engaging culture that thrives in an organization that understands what makes their own sauce so special.

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The Leadership Triangle

The Three Options That Will Make You a Stronger Leader

Tired of leadership clichés?

Ready to become a truly life-changing leader?

In The Leadership Triangle, Kevin Ford and Ken Tucker explain the three types of challenges leaders face and the three options they have to choose from to confront these challenges, offering practical tools to help leaders from all walks of life. Weaving together innovative leadership principles and personal conversations with some of the world’s greatest leaders in business and the nonprofit world,The Leadership Triangle will become a well-thumbed companion in your own leadership journey.

You will learn how to:

  • Recognize leadership challenges for what they really are
  • Choose strategies based on the specific challenge you face
  • Build incredible, high-functioning teams to overcome any challenge
  • Implement cutting-edge strategies and tools that will revolutionize the teams you lead

Your Intentional Difference

One Word Changes Everything

5% separates you from the rest of the world:

  • 85% of what you are capable of doing, anyone can do
  • 10% of what you are capable of doing, others can be trained to do
  • 5%–that magical 5%–of what you are capable of doing, only you can do it

As people, we realize that we are all different, but who knew that difference was comprised of such a small—but extremely potent—portion of our psyche?

Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything maps out how you can discover what that 5% difference is, in ONE WORD, what it means, and how to master it in order to positively affect your life, your creativity, and productiveness. You are not an accident, and your differences are extremely valuable

Learn from business leaders, entrepreneurs, employees, students—even a fisherman and a taxi driver—as they explore and outline their journeys of how their lives (both personal and professional) changed for the better the moment they were able to recognize and act on their 5% Intentional Difference.

Come discover how Your Intentional Difference: One Word Changes Everything, can help you at work, in your relationships, and with that next big decision.