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The Answer Is In The Room

January 29, 2018

When we walk into an engagement with a new client we have a fundamental operating premise, no matter the challenges or opportunities they are facing:

The answer is in the room.

This shapes our work as consultants. We don’t bring in three ring binders or non-writable PDFs full of prefabricated solutions.

Sure, we believe that we bring experience and expertise but that is geared towards helping the leaders who are on the ground and know their organizations work together to find answers and solutions for their challenges.

As a leader you face opportunities and challenges every single day. It is easy to focus on your own limitations, or those of your team.

But it is a much better idea to focus on their strengths and possibilities.

And to focus on creating an organizational culture that focuses on that.

The next time you get your team around a table, look around, see each of them for their strengths, and remind yourself ‘The answer is in this room’.