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A Football Coach Crafts Thriving Culture

You’ll appreciate this whether or not you are a football fan.

Coach Scott Frost took over a moribund University of Central Florida football program and turned it around dramatically. This season they are undefeated leading into their season-ending bowl game – a remarkable achievement!

This past weekend, Coach Frost – after a real struggle – decided to accept the head coaching position at his alma mater, Nebraska.

Many times when this happens, there is bitterness all around as players and fans at the former school feel jilted.

Not the case with Coach Frost. Media members reported nothing short of a love fest. But it wasn’t all rainbows and unicorns. There were reasons behind the love.

Reporter Robin Washut wrote about what UCF players told him Coach Frost had meant to them:

He taught us how to love each other.”

“We forgot what the importance of team was, and he brought that back to us.”

“When Coach Frost came here, he built trust with everyone.”

If you’re looking for a great description of what a culture-crafting leader does, you can stop right there!

Would your team say those things about you?


Photo cred: Omaha World-Herald