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What Does A Dependable Organizational Culture Look Like?

An organization (or a person) is dependable if it can be relied upon to act in certain ways. If an organization honors its promises – to employees, customers, partners, vendors – over and over the it can call itself trustworthy.

In situations where other organizations might break their word or destroy trust, dependable organizations keep faith and maintain trust. As a result, people like working for and doing business organizations that are dependable.

So, what does this culture of dependability look like? It can be seen, specifically as it does three things over and over. Organizations with a culture of dependability:

  1. Make promises (and keep them). The US Constitution is a promise that makes our government and society possible. Churches, clubs, organizations of all kinds have covenants, policy manuals, systems and procedures that embody the promises which enable people to work together in an atmosphere of trust.
  2. They are consistent. People know what the organization will do and not do. When adversity or crisis strikes, their response is largely predictable. Their decisions and responses – in both good and bad times – is consistently good, consistently reliable, consistently trustworthy.
  3. They are predictable. This is related to, but different th at consistency in that consistency looks to the past and predictability looks to the future. When we have confidence that we can predict the  behavior of a person or organization then we can trust them.

Trust and a culture of dependability is built by people and organizations keeping promises and by behavior that is consistent and predictable.

Take the honest look – how does your organization rate in terms of showing a culture of dependability?