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Is Passion Part of Your Culture? Depends On You

As leaders are crafting thriving cultures for their organizations, it is vital that they are doing internally what they are doing externally.

Great cultures have unity around great causes, values, and mission. These things are a reflection of passion – the kind of passion that is not driven by emotion but that fuels meaningful action.

In our Executive Advising work with leaders we often help them to identify their Driving Passion – that thing that they can’t not NOT do. Their Driving Passion may or may not sync exactly with the mission or their organization but one thing is for sure – it takes people with passion to lead passionate organizations.

Do you want to know your Driving Passion? Here are three questions which offer a place to start:

1. What do I believe is the world’s greatest need?
2. What do others say is the “one thing” for me (text someone right now and ask them!)
3. If I had unlimited time and money what would I do with them

The key is finding the intersection of human need with my driving motivator and then determining to bring whatever resources I have to bear on acting on both!

Maybe your Driving Passion is found in your work. Or maybe you need to create some margin in your life for your Driving Passion to be expressed. Whatever your strategy, your heart and soul and mind won’t rest until you find your Driving Passion and put it into productive and determined use, every single day!