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Creating A Culture Of Trust

The most important ingredient in the process of crafting a thriving culture is trust. WIthout trust, not much else matters.

Trust is built by people and organizations keeping promises and by behavior that is consistent and predictable. When those qualities are absent from an organization, the result is distrust, resentment, hostility and a sense of betrayal. Motivation and morale suffer, Organizational cohesion collapses. Everything becomes dog-eat-dog.

Success is rarely achieved in a dog-eat-dog environment, at least lasting success. Success thrives on unity and unity feeds upon dependability and trust.

Great organizations take care of their people, sometimes even at great cost. They always keep their word, always to the highest appropriate levels of transparency, disclose as much as legally possible and – in times of need – go above and beyond to care for their people.

In our years of research, the wording that describes this trait of trustworthiness has become crystal clear:

Management can be counted upon to come through when needed.

Great organizations do more than the minimum. And what this really means is that leaders do way more than the minimum.

Trustworthy leaders do not blame people for shortcomings – they are accountable themselves. They do not scapegoat colleagues to climb the ladder. At times they own more than their share of responsibility. They do not just provide adequate resources – they give their teams more than they need to get the job done whenever possible.

Think of your team. Guaranteed anonymity, would they say this of you: I can count on my leader to come through when needed?