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Storytelling – A Key To Crafting A Great Culture


The stories we tell reveal our organization’s culture.

And a healthy culture is the single most important factor in organizational success.

So the stories we tell are vitally important.

As we come to understand the importance of crafting a thriving organizational culture it’s tempting to star by asking questions such as “So, what’s our culture?”

But there’s a better way.

Stories are a much better way of getting at that answer, and provide more context and texture to the answer at which you arrive.

For new insight into the culture of your organization or team, try this exercise, which has the added benefit of being fun:

-Ask members of your team to meet with you and tell a three minute story. The topic is simple. “What has been our biggest success in the last three-six months as an organization?”

-Video-record (with permission) the conversations on your smartphone or other device.

-Gather the team together and watch all of the videos.

-Then, lead a discussion that gets at this question: “What do these stories tell us about our team culture?

Maybe you will see themes of teamwork, or a passion for customer service, or creativity, or determination. Maybe something else entirely.

But in any event, you will learn more about what makes your people who they are and what makes your team your team.