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Conflict Can Be Win-Win (Video)

Over the years we have consulted with many hundreds of organizations and leaders showing them how they can thrive through, not just survive conflict.

Virtually every time, those leaders are surprised to hear us say that “Resistance is your ally, not your enemy”.

The simple truth is that conflict doesn’t have to destroy, doesn’t have to result in winners and losers.

When conflict is on the level of values and beliefs that are shared, we can both find common ground and grow in self-awareness and self-knowledge.

Organizations that have a culture where healthy conflict is not only allowed but encouraged are the ones who thrive and where team members are engaged and invested.

Co-author Jim Osterhaus offers an introduction to Red Zone/Blue Zone thinking in this short video. Give us just a few minutes and see how conflict can work for, not against, you.

Conflict Is Your Friend! Jim Osterhaus Introduces The Blue Zone from TAG Consulting on Vimeo.