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What’s Your Why? (And Why That Matters)

Organizations with thriving cultures know their ‘why’.

Why they exist, why they make a difference, why they make the world a better place, why what matters to them most matters to them most.

But the organization as a whole can’t know its ‘why’ unless the leaders as individuals do.

Do you know your why?

Here’s a classic exercise to help you get to your why – your greater purpose.

  1. Make a list of ten purposes or values to which you feel most connected.
  2. Once you’re happy with your list, rank them from most to least important. Take your time with this step. Now, rewrite the list ordered that way.
  3. Now, draw a line underneath the top five.
  4. Finally spend some time with those five. What do they tell you about yourself, what you value, what matters to you? Where are there common themes?

Simply setting aside a few hours for this exercise lets you ‘get on the balcony’ of your own life and better prepares you to help you answer the ‘why’ question for your organization.