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Crafting A Culture Of Change? Start Here

You’ve committed to crafting a thriving culture in your team or organization and you know it’s going to require a concerted effort at change leadership. And you know things are going to need to move fast!

You’re also realized this. Leading change is not a one-off occurrence. The ability to adapt and change has to be built into your culture. It’s more than an activity you engage in when you are forced to.

You need a starting place. Try these two actions first:

1. Distinguish between what needs to be preserved and what needs to change.
As you work through changes in your organization, always be mindful of what must NOT change – your values, code, and macro-strategy. These things should not change with every shift in the wind. When external realities do dictate that you must change, you will want to make sure that those changes are in keeping with your organization’s code and deeply held values – holding fast to the permanent things while allowing your strategy to evolve.

2. When you come into an existing situation to make changes, be very careful not to condemn the past.
Always frame your vision in a positive, upbeat way. Your job is not to erase the past but to help people envision a brighter future.  These people were part of the past – they lived it and shaped it to some degree. Dwell on everything good and worthy in the organization’s past, even if it is clear that many things must change.

Leadership, particularly change leadership, is not about being popular. There will be moments of decided unpopularity for you as you craft a new culture. But don’t borrow trouble – preserve what needs to be preserved and honor what can be honored from prior cultures.

You can actually lead change – perhaps profitable change – without these two actions. But you won’t succeed in building a culture of change without them.

TAG’s Discovery process helps you to discern what needs to change now and where you’ll see the maximum benefit from change leadership. Building on that understanding then helps you craft a thriving culture that seeks out change, rather than simply responding to your external environment. Find out more about Discovery here.