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The Key To Attracting and Retaining Talent


Thriving organizational culture allows for plenty of conflict. But it’s the healthy, not the destructive kind. Teams that have ‘good’ conflict start by knowing themselves and each other. In particular, they know where their talent lies.

One essential component of self-understanding is your Prevailing Talent.

Prevailing Talent is “our spontaneous, reliable and measured pattern of thinking, feeling, and behaving”. Your Prevailing Talent is what you do well without even thinking about it.

One of the greatest jazz saxophonists of all time was Art Pepper. Pepper lived a difficult life with bouts of drug abuse and prison time. Fortunately, in the last few years of his life he got himself together and enjoyed his greatest success and triumphant tours. Even in his darkest days the one thing that never failed him was his talent.

Pepper was in the worst depths of his drug abuse when  he received a unique challenge – and an opportunity. He had been asleep, sickened by his addiction, when he was awakened by his producer. He had come to take Pepper to a gig with the band of the legendary Miles Davis.

The only problem was that Pepper had overslept and had no time to get his drug fix before the session – and he was largely incapacitated without his drug crutch.

He was going to have to play his saxophone in his sickest, drug-neediest mode: half-conscious, physically ill, hardly able to stand up straight. You would think a disaster would ensue, right?


The sessions that day became Art Pepper Meets The Rhythm Section – one of the most highly regarded jazz albums of all time.

Imagine if you had to go to work or take care of a child while desperately ill. How could you not only function, but excel – have a legendary day?

You could do so only if your Prevailing Talent was set free to shine – if you knew your Talent and were committed to expressing it. And if the climate you worked in allowed your Talent to flourish.

Your Prevailing Talent oozes out of you, regardless of how you feel. It is so deeply ingrained in you that no obstacles or limitations – even self-imposed ones –  can stop it from being expressed. As a matter of fact, your Talent is more than expressed – it PREVAILS!

Do you have a sense of your Prevailing Talent?

Our firm has special workshops designed to help you and your team identify your talents and learn how to work together to unleash the best in each other and avoid unnecessary conflict. We’ll help you craft a thriving organizational culture where talent and individuality is recognized and honored. You can learn more about those opportunities  here.

Image cred: jazzwax.com