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Identify The Resistance

As a leader you are going to face resistance. We spend a substantial amount of our time reminding leaders of this truth and telling that they are not alone! Resistance is part of the process.

That said, it can be very helpful to identify the types of resistance you are facing as you lead.

  • Immediate criticism. “What a dumb idea!”
  • Denial. “I don’t see any problem here”.
  • Malicious compliance. “I concur completely and whole-heartedly (only I don’t, at all)”
  • Sabotage. “Let’s go get him”.
  • Easy agreement. “No problem”.
  • Deflection. “How about those Red Sox!”
  • Silence
  • In your face criticism. “You’re the worst leader we’ve ever had around here”.

When faced with resistance we can choose to act in either the Red Zone or the Blue Zone.

In the Red Zone, we assume the resistance is about us personally (Why doesn’t he like what I’m proposing? Does he think I’m incompetent?”), not about our roles. Feeling personally attacked we resort to subterfuge and maneuvering.

When we’re in the Blue Zone we welcome the resistance as a normal part of forward movement, seek to understand it and the underlying issues generating it, and work to be effective with those who are creating the resistance.

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