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Face The Resistance!

Face it, none of us like it when our leadership is resisted.

But facing this reality that we hate to face is crucial to our success.

One of the most important components of Blue Zone living is learning to view resistance as your ally. Resistance shows you that your current strategy of leadership is not working – at least as well as it might – and gives you permission to find alternative strategies, using all of your creativity.

Here are four things about resistance that will help you view it as an ally, not an enemy.

  • Resistance is an expected part of change.
  • Progress without resistance is impossible.
  • We resist change not because we hate change, but because we perceive the change will be harmful to us in some way. For instance, when we begin to lose weight our body responds by slowing our metabolism, because it fears change.
  • Resistance alerts us to dynamics underneath the surface that are actually happening in the moment.