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Are The Right People On Your Team?

In our years of research and experience we have discovered that organizations with a healthy culture fulfill three basic human desires: the desire to belong, to contribute, and to make a difference.

People who work in organizations like this are engaged. When they reflect on their jobs they think things like this: “I matter around here. My strengths are being recognized and used around here. I am making a difference in and through my work”. These are the people you want on your team.

In our employee survey, The Engagement Dashboard (TED), those organizations with a healthy culture consistently saw that their employees answered ‘yes’ to questions such as “I get to use my talents and strengths every day at work”.

Some organizations do this as a matter of course, putting employees through widely available strengths-identifying instruments. We recommend such tools and use a few ourselves.

However, the very best organizations end up identifying and developing managers and leaders who themselves are talent scouts, whether or not they use the formal tools.

These leaders use two questions as indispensable tools to identify talent:

What does it take to win in our business?

How will we know a winner when we see him or her?

Learn to spot these people, to recruit them, develop, and deploy them, and you are going a long way towards building your organizational dream team.

To find out more about TED and how it can help you spot the best talent for your team, click here.