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Dealing With Conflict As A Team

Your team has a conflict to navigate. You’ve decided that conflict should be your ally, not your enemy, so you have committed to boldly engaging the process, getting competing values on the table, and working to find a solution that honors people and moves the mission forward.

So, where do you begin? As tempting as it is to jump right in, take some time to gather your team and work through these questions first.

  1. When all is said and done, how will we know that this process has been effective? Have each individual list two or three desired outcomes. As a group, reach consensus on a total of two or three desired outcomes.
  2. Based on those consensus desired outcomes, what do we believe to be the most critical issues or concerns to address? Reach consensus on the top two to three.
  3. Of these identified issues, which of these do we think will be the most difficult to tackle? Why?

Even before you begin to discuss the issues particular to the conflict, you have already done much of the foundational work for thriving through conflict!