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5 Keys To Giving Great Feedback

Feedback is a critical part of the gift of accountability.

When you give that gift you are honoring and respecting someone, not micromanaging them. Accountability says “I believe that you have the capacity to do this thing and I believe that this thing is important”.

While accountability is more than feedback, feedback is an essential part of accountability’s gift. Here are five ways to insure that your feedback is both relevant and helpful.

1. Provide feedback immediately, whether the feedback is good or bad.
2. Provide feedback specifically, with immediate options for enhancement, improvement, and correction.
3. Provide feedback systematically, with planned times for give and take.
4. Provide feedback with the good of the person receiving the feedback in mind.
5. Provide feedback that is focused on the goal of your team.


You can use the five keys to feedback as a measuring stick for your current practices and/or as a way to improve your current systems of accountability.

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