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Red Zone/Blue Zone in 2 Minutes

We’re often asked for Red Zone/Blue Zone in a nutshell – a quick summary of what life in each Zone looks like. Here are our go-to bullet points, which will help you to quickly diagnose whether or not you (or your team) is in the Red or Blue Zone.


  • There is a focus on efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Structures of the organization are closely monitored and respected.
  • Business issues are the top priority.



  • There is a focus on feelings more than on results.
  • There are no common standards and no way of monitoring performance and behavior.
  • People in the organization assume “family” roles, i.e. mother hen, overbearing father, rebellious younger brother…

There are no absolutes but years of data and experience have taught that these signs are nearly iron-clad indicators of Red Zone or Blue Zone life.