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4 Unmistakable Signs of Employee Engagement


At TAG, we conducted a multi-year research project to identify organizations with the strongest and best cultures – those that could be counted on for operational stability and integrity. These were extraordinarily well-managed enterprises.

We discovered that these enterprises had highly engaged employees who have a hard-wired desire to contribute, to belong, and to make a difference. No surprise, right?

What frames our work with organizations today is our passion to see them develop these four characteristics of workplaces with high levels of employee engagement:

1. Team members consider themselves to be empowered.
2. There is a culture of collegiality.
3. Management attracts top talent and rewards them accordingly.
4. Team members are fully engaged in their work and the mission of the organization.

Those four characteristics can serve as an initial checklist to you as you journey with us on the quest to craft healthy, winning organizational cultures.
The only place to start is at the beginning!

So, how does your organization measure up – on a scale of 1-5 – on each of these four characteristics?

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