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The Four Signs of Employee Engagement

August 1, 2016


In our multiyear study of organizations we found that those with the strongest and most healthy cultures could be relied upon for operational stability and integrity. They were extraordinarily well-managed enterprises.

And they had highly engaged employees, who demonstrated an innate desire to contribute, to belong, and to make a difference.

We have found that organizations with high levels of employee engagement typically have these four characteristics:

  1. Team members consider themselves to be empowered.
  2. There is a culture of collegiality.
  3. Management attracts top talent and rewards them accordingly.
  4. Team member are fully engaged in their work and in the mission or their organization.

If your organization is characterized by these four traits you can be assured either that your employees are engaged – which makes a profound difference for your bottom line – or that they are well on their way. If you are falling short in any of the four areas, there is a great opportunity for game-changing intervention on your part.

It’s important to assess whether or not your organization is characterized by these four things. But it can also be a challenge to assess yourself objectively!

That’s where The Engagement Dashboard (TED) comes in.

We have gathered data from hundreds of companies and thousands of employees from all three sectors in American organizational life – public, private and social.

An easy to use online employee survey, TED reveals the current culture of an organization, its hidden capacities and potential, and enables leaders to craft cultures that fully engage the talents and hearts of their people.

To find out more and to insure that you are on your way to a fully engaged workforce, click here!