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Your First 90 Days In A New Role – The Most Important People

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Continuing with our series on navigating your first ninety days in a new role (to read part one, click here)…

You’ve learned about the most important questions you will face in your first ninety days. Today we’ll look at the most important people you will meet – relationships you must navigate in order to succeed early on.

It’s critical that you be able to identify, understand, and work with three groups of people – your Allies, your Opponents, and your Dissenters. Below are some charts to help you think through the issues surrounding each group.


Who might be your allies? Why might they be allies? What’s their main objective (Support you? The initiative itself? The Organization?) How can this ally best help you successfully implement your program/ initiative?



Who might be your opponents? Why might they be opponents? What do they stand to lose if your initiative succeeds? How might you neutralize their opposition or get them on your side?




Who are the dissenters in your organization –those who typically voice radical ideas or mention the unmentionable? What ideas are they bringing forth that might be valuable for your program/initiative? How might you enable their ideas to have a hearing? How can you protect them from being marginalized or silenced?