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Four Things To Which Leaders MUST Pay Attention

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If you are a leader – particularly one engaged in the work of driving change – you have to pay attention to a lot of things.

It can be hard to decide what to focus on the most.

Here are the four non-negotiable factors to which attention must be paid:

  1. Your customers or clients, who insure your company’s survival.
  2. The ever-changing regulatory environment, where laws can alter the competitive landscape in a single legislative session.
  3. Complementary businesses such as suppliers or vendors, upon which your organization relies for products, goods, and services.
  4. Competitors, who may anticipate the future first themselves or may be making strategic mistakes your company must avoid.

Here’s the reframe: each of these factors are not merely indicators on a dashboard but they are actually resources which can be leveraged for your vision to be realized.

The things you have to pay attention to are not merely early warning devices; a clear understanding of them is one of your best assets to competitive success and high performance.