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The Workplace Of Your Dreams…Or Your Nightmares?


We use “Red Zone/Blue Zone” as convenient shorthand for how we all respond to the inevitable conflicts that will come our way. This plays out in our personal life to be sure – but it is also writ large in our professional lives. Whole organizations can end up living in either the Blue or the Red Zone.

How do you know which is which? Here is our quick set of comparison characteristics to contrast life in the Zones.

In the Red Zone:

  • We focus on feelings more than on results.
  • There are no common standards and no way of  monitoring performance and behavior.
  • People in the organization assume ‘family’ roles – mom, dad, arrogant older brother, spoiled little sister, patriarch, etc.

In the Blue Zone:

  • There is a focus on efficiency and effectiveness.
  • The structures of the organization are closely monitored and respected.
  • Business issues are the top priority.

What about your organization? Does the Red Zone or Blue Zone more closely describe the way people interact there?
If you want to move more into the Blue Zone, keep reading this blog!