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Your Greatest Purpose In Life


In our work  – much of it with TAG Consulting – we focus on all three sectors of work in American life – the Public, the Private, and the Social. It is vitally important to have engaged and passionate employees in each sector.

For instance we work extensively with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), whose aim is the keep the flying public safe. We work with private companies whose objective is to maximize shareholder investment by sharing profits while serving the common good. And we work with not-for-profits in the Social sector that are committed to improving the lives of all in their communities – such as the church that seeks to  be “the place where kids drag their parents to on Sunday”.

The measure of success in each sector may look and feel different. However, every organization in each sector must have engaged employees if it is to live up to its aspirations.

Here’s a quick side note for those of you who are not working in corporate America. While we use the term “engaged employees”, the concept applies to volunteers as well. In our discussion of the Secret Sauce, “employees”, “volunteers”, and “people” are interchangeable terms.

Each of us desires to contribute, to belong, and to make a difference.

In fact, we could argue that our greatest purpose in life is to be part of a creative community. This is at the core of what it means to be human.

Such creative communities exist in each of the three sectors. Not all workplaces, to be sure, are such communities. Some are destructive and toxic – to employees, customers, and vendors.

But the workplace CAN be a place where we live as a creative community – a place where we belong, contribute, and make a difference.

Perhaps your highest calling in life is to be part of such a community.

Or, if you are a leader, perhaps your highest calling is to give your very best to do your part to create such a community. That’s our calling – to help leaders do this. There is no greater purpose in life.

What might this mean for you?
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