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The 2 Most Important Things To Know About Conflict

Most people run from conflict.

Yet conflict has this nagging habit of continually showing up, even when we take every possible measure to prevent it!

We dread its coming and wish its quick passing, most of the time.

But we have a different slant on conflict. We believe that there are two things  we must know about the very nature of conflict, two truths that if held close and acted upon will enable us to thrive through, not just survive conflict.

1. You can’t escape conflict. The issues on which we can disagree are endless and inexhaustible. To have conflict is to be human.
2. Conflict isn’t really the problem. Conflict is not only NOT a bad thing; it is a good and necessary thing. The problem is how people relate to one another when they are in conflict.

If we can accept the inevitability  of conflict and learn to actually embrace it we are well on our way to actually transforming ourselves through the way we engage in the conflicts we will experience.