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An Empowerment Checklist


Crack or click open any leadership book and you’re guaranteed to find a section in praise of empowerment.

You won’t find a leadership expert, business thinker, or organizational consultant who doesn’t sing the praises of empowering employees or volunteers, stakeholders, and even vendors.

We know empowerment is important and we know the stakes are high. It requires empowerment to have employee engagement and engagement is the single most important predictive factor in organizational success. We know that team members who don’t feel empowered usually become EX-team members, often competitors and anti-evangelists for the companies they left.

But the thing is, when it comes to empowerment we are long on praise and attempted description and short on diagnosis and measurement.

Here, then, is an eight point checklist which will help you determine whether or not you have a culture of empowerment. It is applicable to organizations of all kinds whether in the public, private or not for profit sectors. And it applies to both employees and volunteers.

Rate yourself on a scale of 1-5 for each measure. Where you don’t hit 5, or at least a solid 4, you have the opportunity to develop a strategy which will develop more empowered, engaged, and productive employees.

  • People are given significant latitude and decision-making responsibility.
  • People know what’s expected of them.
  • People have the resources and training to do their tasks correctly.
  • People believe their leaders care about them as people.
  • People receive recognition and praise for good work regularly, and are accountable for mistakes.
  • People have the opportunity to do what they do best regularly.
  • People know that someone in the workplace encourages their development.
  • People know that they are expected to exercise leadership wherever they are, and they have been trained and empowered to feel confident in that role.

Empowerment is one aspect on an organization with engaged employees. Our online survey, The Engagement Dashboard,  has gathered data from hundreds of organizations and thousands of employees. It will reveal the current culture of your organization, its hidden capacities and potential, and will enable you to craft an organizational culture characterized by empowered and engaged employees or volunteers. To find our more about TED, click here.