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Where You WON’T Find The Secret Sauce

When you write a book with a title like The Secret Sauce, it sort of begs the question.

As a matter of fact, we are asked all the time (usually) tongue in cheek – “OK, save me some time; what IS the Secret Sauce?” In a lot of ways our book is about organizational culture and so people assume that there is an element – a secret ingredient, if you will – that constitutes the Secret Sauce.

But, there’s not.

We’ve made a remarkable discovery – the Secret Sauce for a winning organizational culture is not found in the culture itself. It is found in the quest that results in that culture.

The context of a winning culture may be built around a great product or service. But that product or service is not the Secret Sauce that sets great cultures apart from good ones.

As we work with clients – whether in leadership development, executive coaching, change leadership, or strategic planning – we emphasize that the quest, the process, is more important than the end product.

The quest that leads to a great culture is shared by a team which is willing to undergo risk and sacri ce in pursuit of a shared mission. They are acutely aware of their talents as individuals and as a team and they – daily – leverage and support those talents in themselves and in each other.

This is counterintuitive, particularly in North America. But we have found it to be true in all three sectors of the American workforce and we have customized our consulting and coaching services so that organizations of all types can embark on this quest for themselves.

We can’t emphasize this enough – The quest is more important than the product.

The first step for discovering your own Secret Sauce and building a great and winning and healthy culture is simply being willing to engage in a Quest, often without a road map!

Are you up for the adventure?