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What Exactly Is Organizational Culture?

Using our online employee engagement tool called The Engagement Dashboard (TED), we have collected data from thousands of American workers from all three sectors in American organizational life – Public, Private, and Social.

After fifteen years of gathering data through the efforts of our firm, TAG Consulting, we believe that we have discovered the ingredients for crafting the sort of thriving culture that  creates winning results and engaged employees.

TAG’s definition of organizational culture:
Culture is the realization of our desire to belong, contribute, and to make a difference.

So, a great culture is defined by three primary elements:
1. High levels of employee engagement (the desire to contribute)
2. A compelling organizational climate (the desire to  belong)
3. Consistently effective leadership (the desire to make a difference

TAG exists in large part to serve leaders as they endeavor to craft cultures like this, for the same of the common good.

For an idea of where your organization stands, read more about The Engagement Dashboard here.