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Do You Have The Courage To Reimagine?

If you had to “go away and dream it all up again” for your life or for your organization, what would be the fulfillment of that dream?

We’re really talking about imagination when we ask that question and that is because the discipline of Reimagine is vitally important in crafting organizational culture, leading change, and sustaining excellent performance. And building a personal life that makes a lasting difference.

We believe it is so important that we have made Reimagine one of the three descriptors of where we lead organizations and their leaders.

President Thomas Jefferson never ventured more than fifty miles from his home. In his entire life. Yet he had a vision for the western expansion of the United States that has impacted millions of lives. When he built his home, Monticello, he built it to face West. He imagined clearly what America could become.

And he inspired others to follow. Two of that number were gentlemen you might have heard of – Meriwether Lewis and William Clark. Their famous venture to the West resulted in the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the U.S.

All because Jefferson had the courage to Reimagine.

The ancient fathers of the Hebrew nation were known for planting tamarisk trees. The thing about the tamarisk is that it is one of the slowest growing trees. When it grows into full flower, after many, many years it provides shade in hot arid climates and is an effective windbreak against devastating soil erosion.


So, what kind of person would plant a tamarisk tree?

A leader, that’s who. Someone who cares deeply enough to leave a legacy. Someone who is fired by an imaginative vision. Someone who dares to Reimagine over and over again.

Leaders have the courage to see beyond the immediate and beyond their own self-interest to the long term legacy they will leave benefiting those who will follow them.

What about you?

What in your life, your work, your leadership can you Reimagine in a way that will lead you to make decisions and set priorities which will live after you?