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Life In The Blue Zone

When we are in conflict we can choose to respond in one of two ways.

The first way is from the Blue Zone. This is where you maintain professionalism and you keep your emotional cool. You can tell you are in the Blue Zone when you are demonstrating several behaviors and leading a workplace where these behaviors are widely demonstrated by others.

Focus on energy and efficiency
This is a workplace where everyone shows up to do their job, they have the right tools, and they are motivated to do good work. They’re not distracted by drama and political intrigue. There’s a buzz and energy in the workplace. People are moving freely and enthusiastically, the conversation is focused and yet lighthearted. Stuff is getting done by focused people who seem to enjoy each other, at least most of the time!

Structures of the organization are closely monitored and respected.
Performance reviews, goal-setting, follow-up evaluation get done. Reporting structures are respected and honored. There is real accountability but it is not the accountability of soul-crushing bureaucracy and micromanagement. The workplace is characterized by the trust that exists when everyone agrees on standards and expectations.

Business issues are the top priority
When a business has a clear sense of mission, strong and vibrant core values, and a winning strategy it has a chance to succeed. This chance becomes reality when core business issues are seen as the first thing, not personal rivalries, territory-marking, and clawing for territory – all of the things that make for a miserable professional environment.

The Blue Zone is the place of emotional health and professional focus.

How about your workplace?
Are these three characteristics of the Blue Zone true of where you work?
Would you say that your workplace is a “place of emotional health and professional focus”?
What needs to change in order to make it so?