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Is Your Organization Dependable?

Trust is the basis of all relationships and honesty is the basis of trust.

You can’t trust someone unless you believe that person will keep a promise, be candid with you, and never betray you.

Trust gets built over time but can be destroyed in a moment. That’s why dependability is such a vital component for leadership and such an integral part of a winning culture.

A person or organization is dependable if it can be relied upon to act in certain ways. 

If I do what I promise over and over I am considered to be dependable. True for people; true for organizations.

People like working for and doing business with dependable organizations because life is not dependable. When I can find a dependable place to use my talents, provide for my needs, or acquire the products or services I need, I am going to become intensely loyal.

Is your organization dependable?

Here are three characteristics of dependable organizations:

1. They make and keep promises.
The United States Constitution is a promise that makes our government and society possible. Church, clubs, businesses all have policy manuals, bylaws, employee manuals which define how people will live and work together in a way that fosters trust. An organization with a winning culture is not afraid to make promises, but it is terrified of not being able to keep them.

2. They are consistent.
When I behave in a consistent way, people know what to expect of me. They may not always agree with me, but they will know what they are likely to get. When my consistency proves to be excellent, reliable, trustworthy, high-quality then I am building a relationship as much as I am building a business.

3. They are predictable.
If I am consistent, I have a proven past. If I am predictable then I promise a trustworthy future. When we have confidence that we can predict  positive  behavior from a person or organization we can have trust in them. We know our faith in them won’t be disappointed  and we know that we have a great shot of finding a great employer, business partner, or vendor.

Engaged employees say “Yes!” when we ask them “Can management in your organization be counted on to come through when needed?”

How about your organization?
Are you dependable?
Do your employees believe you can be counted on to come through when needed?
On a scale of 1-10 how dependable are you as an organization, as a leader?
If you are anything but a “10” what could tick the numbers up for you, beginning today?