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Three Things Every Employee Wants

The number one predictor of organizational success is fulfilled and engaged employees. That’s why the ‘hot’ field of employee engagement is no passing fad – engaged employees are no less than the most significant differentiator for every organization, in every sector.

(Because we work with not-for-profits as well as public and private sector organizations we should add that engaged volunteers are what most help social sector organizations such as churches succeed).

The measure of success in each of the three sectors – Public, Private, and Social – may look very different. But every organization in each of the sectors must have engaged employees if it is to be successful. Whether they are corporate executives, sales professionals, skilled craftsmen, teachers, counselors, or day care workers an employee must be fulfilled in their work and passionately engaged in their service if they are to give their best and if the organization is to thrive and win.

There are three things every employee or volunteer in every organization wants, even craves:

Everybody wants to belong, to contribute, and to make a difference.

In TAG’s most recent book, The Secret Sauce: Creating A Winning Culture , we argue that our greatest purpose in life is to be part of a creative community. This is at the core of being human. It’s that big of a deal! Perhaps your highest calling in life is to discover your place and contribution within a creative community.

Not every workplace can be called a “creative community”, as you well know. Some are toxic and destructive. Some are just plain boring.

Some are in between.

Consider this: if one of the highest human aspirations is to belong to a creative community then if you are the leader of an organization you have the opportunity to leverage your day to day work – whatever it is – to meet one of the deepest needs humans have.

Just think of that.

So, how are you doing as a leader and how is your organization doing in terms of:

  • Being a place where people belong, rather than just show up.
  • Calling on the most valuable talents and passions of your people and offering them ample opportunity to shine.
  • Creating work that not only has value in terms of profit but in terms of contributing to and making a difference in the lives of your employees, customers, vendors, and clients.

See, work is a noble thing and organizational life is a sacred trust.

This is what animates us day to day and leads us in our work, whether it’s coaching a leader, crafting a strategic plan, helping an organization analyze its market potential, or creating high-performing teams.