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How We Define Culture

Most of our work at TAG revolves around helping organizations identify and shape their organizational culture – this is what is means to reframe, refocus, and reimagine.

And, to be sure, culture is a hot topic in the world of organizational life. Most agree with the legendary Peter Drucker that “Culture eats strategy for breakfast”. Our recent book The Secret Sauce: Creating a Winning Culture by Kevin Graham Ford and James Osterhaus shows you how committed we are to the idea that culture matters.

But what gets lost sometimes is a clear, beginning definition of culture. What exactly is this “culture” that is both so important and so elusive?

Using our online employee engagement survey tool called The Engagement Dashboard (TED), we have collected data from thousands of American workers across all three sectors of organizational life – public, private, and social.

After more than fifteen years of data-gathering we believe that we have discovered both the definition and the ingredients for a thriving organizational culture.

Culture is the realization of our desire to belong, to contribute, and to make a difference.

Further, culture is composed of three elements:

  1. High levels of employee engagement (Contribute)
  2. A compelling organizational climate (Belong)
  3. Consistently effective leadership (Make a Difference)

All three elements are necessary and in our work with leaders and client organizations we dig deep to put the building blocks in place necessary to create a strong, robust, enduring cultural architecture.

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  1. Mario

    One of the challenges we face is hlneipg people understand this implementation is different from the HW/SW project delivery activity they may be accustomed to managing. When explaining ISO20000 and the necessary commitment to triannual re-certification, I often got a lot of eye rolling and air-sucking from those accustomed to a fixed and final endpoint for their project implementations.


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