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The Co-Authors Go To Prison (Part 2)

It was too late to turn back. We walked  into the heart  of Solano Prison and our worlds changed forever.

As we interacted with the men David was  influencing we saw that they had internalized the principles of  our book like no one else we had ever met.

These were former gang members – violent criminals in many cases –  people who had been excluded from society.

And they were wise beyond belief. They brought tattered copies of our book to the meetings we attended, quoting passages and applying them to their lives and experiences.

They talked about their hopes for rejoining society – their hopes and fears.  They were determined that this time they would know how to head off the sorts of conflicts that had landed them in Solano.

They GOT it and, as the day transpired, they became our teachers.

Jim and Todd got to leave the prison that day, leaving new found friends behind. However, the lessons learned in that brief time behind prison walls lasted and led to the creation of this book…