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It All Starts With Culture (But It Doesn’t End There)

We believe deeply that culture is important in building healthy and thriving organizations.

And we believe that the preoccupation of every leader should be creating and sustaining a healthy and vibrant culture.

But culture is not the Secret Sauce that makes for truly great organizations.

Together we share more than a half century of consulting with some of our nation’s greatest public and private organizations and some of our most critical government agencies. We’ve made it a life long habit to study what makes organizations and the leaders who helm them great. We want to know what separates good organizations from good-enough organizations and what separates great organizations from them both.

To do so, we know that our own experience is not enough. We have endeavored to combine experience with empirical research and the resultant data.

The result of our life long study and of the objective results led us to the concept of The Secret Sauce and our book.

While culture may not be the Secret Sauce it is one the indispensable ingredients of the sauce and we begin our time together on this blog by defining a healthy culture.

Thanks for joining us!