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Four Ways To Make Conflict Your Friend

Very few healthy people enjoy conflict. But Transformational leaders realize that pushback can actually be their friend because it surfaces tension within the organization and open up options for alternative approaches.

Here are four ways you can make conflict your friend rather than your enemy.

1.     Maintain clear focus – one eye on the moment, the other on the big picture. Persevere and hang in there!

2.     Embrace resistance. Move towards, not away from the sources of resistance. This is a learned behavior, so be patient with yourself. Remember that the voice of resistance is almost always representative of others and once you know what the problem is you can move ahead.

3.     Respect those who resist by monitoring your emotions, avoiding overreating, and always telling the truth.

4.     Join with the resistance. Begin together, looking for common values and themes and patterns, looking together for ways the situation needs to change.

How about you – how are you doing currently with conflict in your organization?