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Use The Five Why’s To Dig Deeper

The “Five Why’s” is a great tool for uncovering trends and discovering information.

Never settle for a basic answer to a basic question. Instead, ask “why?” five times.

Ask a question, get an answer, and then ask “why?” Repeat that four more times.

You’ll get a lot more information than if you just take the initial answer at face value.

“Why do you work?” To make money.

“Why do you want to make money?” To have financial security.

“Why do you want to have financial security?” So my kids don’t have to pay for my retirement.

“Why is that important to you?” So they can do what they are meant to do.

“Why do you want them to do what they are meant to do?” Because that is my purpose as a dad.

It’s a long way from “I work to make money” to “I work to fulfill my purpose as a dad”!