TAG Consulting

TAG coaching approach. TAG’s coaching philosophy encompasses a unique approach in relation to the individual and the organization. Individually, TAG coaches applies a strength-based method that assesses individuals according to their unique talent mix: their Intentional Difference (ID).

  • Intentional Difference® (ID) What clearly sets TAG coaching apart is the reliance on identifying an individual’s ID. Clear self-definition is critical for both the coach and the leader (I have a story I have always known, and now live, but it’s up to me to examine it; Emphasizing and leveraging my unique talent mix, and make necessary changes where necessary). Successful people put to positive and productive use that which is different about them. They are “Intentional” with their “Difference.”
  • Leadership Triangle. Organizationally, the focus is on the leadership triangle, which encompasses the three aspects of leadership essential in successful performance at all levels of an organization.
  • Strengths-Based Approach. An individual’s core talents are those recurring patterns of thought, feeling and behavior that are determined by the basic ‘hard-wiring’ of the brain. The Prevailing Talents coaching process provides a disciplined approach to identifying and understanding an individual’s core talents and how those innate competencies affect daily decisions, career choices, learning preferences and motivations, as well as how they drive personal and professional relationships.

Organizationally, TAG considers the entire system, noting its unique components and interactions that, taken as a whole dynamic force, render the results that are experienced.